More seed quantity per sample – MARViN XLine II

More seed quantity per sample – MARViN XLine II


The determination of the 1000-grain weight not only describes this important parameter in seed breeding, but also specifies the quantity, namely 1,000 grains.
Of course, there may be certain deviations from the 1,000 grains, but you should be aware that significantly smaller quantities can lead to considerable sample deviations.

With the MARViN XLine we offer a very large measuring tray (about twice as large as the ProLine II) with the same analyzing properties. Around 800-1000 maize kernels or 2,000 wheat kernels can be counted and measured within 3 seconds. The MARViN XLine also includes the simple and ingenious tilting function.

The MARViN XLine II is therefore an ideal tool for measuring large seeds.

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