Dear users of the MARViN Seed Analyzer System. In the following pages you will find frequently asked questions that have arisen while using the system and the corresponding answers. We would be pleased to receive further questions from you, which we will then include in this list.

Most questions or problems can be solved remotely.

For this purpose we use the program TeamViewer.

You can download the program TeamViewer QuickSupport for this purpose: https://www.teamviewer.com/de/download/windows

If you have any questions, simply send us an e-mail to support@marvitech.de

In principle, all types of seeds, even leaves, roots etc. can be measured. And this in two dimensions. The seeds must not lie on top of each other during the measurement.

With the MARViN ProLine we can reliably measure seeds from a size of 0.8mm², with the MARViN CompactLine from a size of 0.2mm². Smaller seeds require technical adaptations and reduce the measuring area, but are easily possible.
Our customers measure with MARViN devices the following seeds….

Field crops:
Canola, sorghum, wheat, barley, triticale, oats, rye, corn, sugar beet, etc.

Tomato, onion, pepper, cucumber, pumpkin, celery, chicory, spinach, melon, potato seeds (TPS), etc.

Petunias, begonias, etc.

Hemp, parsley etc.

– Number of seeds
– Length, width in mm
– Area in mm² and in pixels
– Circularity
– Ratio length / width
– Seeds too small / broken seeds
– Weight
– Thousand seed weight
– Hectolitre weight

From MARViN6 on additionally:
– Light distribution of each seed in up to 8 steps
  ATTENTION: This currently only works with very flat or transparent seeds.
– All data can be calculated with the formula editor

A profile stores all information about the measurement.
Protocol structure, storage, camera assignment, scale assignment, workflow etc.
You can import, export, copy (and then modify) and rename an existing profile.

Every customer has different requirements for the measurement, for the workflow, for the results. Therefore, there is no finished profile. The devices are delivered with a standard profile. During initial commissioning, we create together the optimum profile for the customer.

There are no limits to the number of profiles.

YES – You can set a size value (in mm²) below which the seed is output as NO-SEED (in the object protocol) and as “B-Stocking” in the main protocol.

With the group mode, you can divide a large sample into several small subsamples. First, all partial samples are measured one after the other and then the weight of the thounsand seed weight is determined together.
The columns of the “Group” record can be changed.

Fractionation is the grouping of values into predefined ranges. A preconfigured, graphical fractionation is available for the parameters area, length and width.
The fractionation can be output and stored as a percentage or absolute value.

The formula editor is available from version MARViN6 onwards. With this formula editor, you can insert 10 calculation fields each in the main protocol, group protocol and object protocol.
With the formulas you can calculate all values, which the program offers with each other, define limit values or create links (if…then…else).

Basically, all values from the main log are saved. The following data formats are available for this purpose:
*.mpr proprietary program file
*.xls setting option; the file is saved at the same time
*.csv setting option; the file is saved at the same time
*.txt setting option; the file is saved at the same time
Furthermore, the data can be transferred to an ODBC or MS-Access database.

Yes – it’s a setting option. The images will be then saved in the proprietary *.mpr.

ATTENTION: The mpr-file can become very large.

In the detection of foreign seeds we consider several criteria of the seeds, e.g. length, width, area, circularity, brightness. These are brought in dependence by an AND / OR connection.
If a seed grain then leaves a given limit, it is recognized as “foreign seed”. This value can in turn be made dependent on other values.

By a plausibility check, we understand the examination of a measurement result for plausibility. For example, you specify tolerances in the TKG, and if they are exceeded or undercut, a warning message appears and is also documented. This creates security during the measurement.
The plausibility check is a formula and is available from MARViN6 onwards.

You can freely choose the order of the individual steps. For example, you can weigh first, then enter the barcode and then perform the optical measurement.

The columns can be changed in the main log, object log and group log. To do this, switch to the configuration mode (start program with ADMIN rights).
Settings / Configure profile / Protocol
You can insert, delete or move columns in the field selection.

Basically, any scale can be connected and integrated that has a serial port and that communicates with the computer. The standard settings of the most common scale manufacturers are already integrated.
Mettler Toledo®, Sartorius®, Precisa®, Ohaus®, Kern®, Radwag
Attention: The scales must be set for communication operation! See the corresponding operating instructions.

Yes – several scales can be connected and addressed by the software.

Yes – the scanned code is inserted into the main protocol.

Yes – but. To start the system, a (screen) keyboard is required first. A simple foot switch with USB connection is sufficient for the further measuring procedure. The ENTER key or the barcode scanner has the same function.

Yes – prerequisite:
– Operating system Windows 7 and higher (better Windows 10)
– USB 2.0 port or better (for camera)
– Additional USB ports for scales, scanner etc.

Alternatively, we offer a preconfigured computer.

No – our software works exclusively on the WINDOWS ® platform

The MARViN ProLine is very robust with regard to contamination. We recommend cleaning the seed tray and making a new background image before starting the measurements.

Basically, the devices differ in the size of the measuring cup and the camera resolution, as well as in their operability. See also the site Products

Typically, the key is stored in an installation directory on the MARViN computer. Otherwise you can ask us for the key.

Further questions: support@marvitech.de

We are constantly developing our devices and also the software. Even devices that have been in use for years can be brought back up to the latest state of the art.

The MARViN Seed Analyzer is a measuring device and must be inspected from time to time. Of course, we offer this service.

We have a small contingent of rental equipment. So you can bridge peak periods or test the device over a longer period. We will bring you the device, put it into operation and give you a briefing.

The rental service is only available in Germany.

Please have a look at our website www.marvitech.de . We would be happy to name users in your area.

Here are instructions for saving and reinstalling the MARViN program. Administrator right are required.

In the directory C:\ProgramData\ the function directory of the MARViN is stored.
For MARViN5 software: GTA Sensorik GmbH\marvin50
For MARViN6 software: MARViTECH GmbH\marvin6
1. save the directory “marvin50” or “marvin6
This is a very important step. This function directory contains all camera and profile relevant information.
2. you can now set up a new system
3. create a new folder “Installation MARViN” under C:\
4. copy the folder “marvin50” or “marvin6” from step 1 into this folder
Download the current software and save it in the installation directory.
6. unpack the software.
7. start the installation file *.msi
8. start the MARVIN program with administration rights.
You will be asked here for an activation key.
9. select the “Default” profile (This creates folder structures in the ProgramData directory)
10. close the program again.
11. Change to the folder C:\ProgramData\GTA Sensorik GmbH and delete the directory marvin50
12. copy the marvin50 folder from the “Installation MARViN” folder to the C:\ProgramData\GTA Sensorik GmbH directory
13. restart the MARVIN program with administrator rights. You will be prompted again to enter the activation key
14. after that you can use the program with the previous profiles.

If you have any questions, please contact support@marvitech.de.

See… Are there problems updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

The camera image is black

  • Please check if the MARViN light is ON
  • The USB plug from MARViN must connected directly to the USB terminal (do not use a USB hub)


Fotos von Thomas Stumpe